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I knew first hand that it was too emotional to handle my parent's Will so I had another lawyer handle my parent's estate planning. When my father passed away it was certainly too emotional for me to Probate my father's will. I carry that experience with me in my work as inspiration to be as professionally sensitive to my Wills and Probate clients as possible. I will strive to make the Will and Probate process as efficient and effective as possible for everyone involved.
I am a member of the State Bar Real Estate and Probate Section. The range of our Wills and Probate practice includes:
  • Wills
  • Probate
  • Muniment of Title - if and estate has no debts this simple and less costly form of Probate can be administered.
    Probate of Estate with a will and debts is more involved but fortunately is less involved in Texas than many other states. Every estate is different. While an estate with debts is more involved than a muniment of title, an agreed independent administration usually progresses and completes at a reasonable cost.
  • Power of Attorney for Property
  • Power of Attorney for Medical Decisions
  • Guardianships

House Calls

We have done and will continue to do will signing ceremonies at our client's home, office, assisted living facility, nursing home or hospital. Of course we will also continue to do will signing ceremonies at our office as well.

Careful planning not only saves your family money and grief. When you discuss your options with our office in conjunction with your tax advisor, financial advisor, and insurance advisor, we can determine the best alternative for you. For instance, one strategy for a parent over 65 may be to transfer their home to one or more of their children and keep or reserve a "Life Estate". A Life Estate allows that parent to remain in the house they have probably lived in for years, but in most counties still qualify for the Over 65 Property Tax Exemption. Every family has a variety of factors that make up their estate planning decisions. Contact us today so we can help you with your Estate Planning or Probate matter at (281) 579-8099.

Many Wills and Probate matters involve dealing with Real Estate. Derick Smith is an experienced Real Estate attorney. Click here to learn about Derick Smith's Real Estate Law practice.

E-mail: derick@attorneydrsmith.com

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